Monday, September 9, 2013

Can you say...Obsessed???

I have been playing with both Citra Solv and Nevr Dull a whole bunch lately in preparation for my class at Kept Creations in Whitman, MA on October 11. The pages below are all Citrasolv on National Geographic magazines. Aren't they amazing! You end up with a lot of lunar landscapes, but I'm okay with that.. :)  I'm home on vacation this week and am hoping to actually create some art while I clean the hoard. We'll see what actually gets done. So far it is 10:00 AM on Monday morning and I haven't done either one.

Enjoy the eye-candy. I'll post some finished pieces later.

 Isn't the green fabulous???!!!

 This one below was from an older Nat Geo (1970's) and it took quite a bit to mainpulate the inks, but it's still cool. I actually like my fingerprints all over it.

 The reds are wonderful too. Boiling hot lava...right?