Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Importance of Playdates

What happens when a hoarder invites friends over to play? We each claim a teeny tiny spot on the table and get to work... I had good intentions of cleaning the studio so we would have vast amounts of room to work...didn't happen. Surprise, surprise....

I just spent the weekend with two of my favorite people doing some of my favorite things. Lynn and Karen made the trek from the far reaches of New England for an art sleepover.

Art playdates are amazing! We play off each other, offer constant inspiration( I want to be as deliberate and purposeful as Karen instead of just winging it all the time), advise, push, and laugh a lot. We also eat well---tomatoes, brie and herbs over pasta for dinner, roasted veggie panini for lunch, cheese, crackers, olives and prosciutto for snack. The other thing we do that just feels right and gives us time to re-charge is nap. That's right, grown women taking a timeout from being with each other and having some quiet time before regrouping for more art....Not only is it okay, but now seems perfectly normal in our group.

Since we are all in the witness protection program and do not allow least it seems that way :) , this is all I have to offer.
First a bit of Lynn. I would like to say that we made all of that mess together, but it all honesty it was there when she arrived.

These are Karen's masterpieces. She was only here for 24 hours, but created quite a few pieces!
Lynn's pieces are awesome too! It is so much fun to push someone and share all of my stuff.
I worked on a couple of the big canvases that were started at last years' WAAR (Wicked Awesome Artists Retreat). I had promised to finish all 8 of the 16x20 canvasses we started...Hmmm, With 2 done and another started, I'm not sure if I will get them done in time for WAAR 2015 (in October).
 Lynn hated this next one and was not afraid to tell me. On Saturday, we went to a printmakers show at the Duxbury Art Complex and I was inspired to add the purple cilia around each of the blobs. Now Lynn isn't so offended by it.... I'm trying to push myself more and make bold moves, not worrying about "wrecking" the piece.

 You've heard this before (from many places), but I strongly recommend getting together with other like-minded people to simply play! You will not regret it!