Monday, May 26, 2008

Andy's Birthday weekend

Wow! What an awesome weekend! Andy is mostly done digging the pond. We went to Todd Farm yesterday for the flea market, followed by clams at The Clam Box, of course! I made art this morning and am working on my cool purse this afternoon.

Todd Farm is set-up totally different than it was last year, but it was still good. The first purchases were an ancient dictionary and an awesome typeset book for $7.00. Those had to go right back to the car..too heavy to carry. Next we bought a natural history book (a FISH volume) for $20.00. That side of the field didn't seem to have much going on and I was starting to get disappointed when we headed over to the other side. Right away Andy found a slot machine. He now has it in pieces on the coffee table. Next I found some vintage raincoat fabric. It is so cool and is begging to be made into a pocketbook or totebag..Etsy here we come. The last big purchase was another wheel of fortune that we like even more than the one we have over the bed.
I did manage to make to one collage this morning before the TV went on. I call it "Calculating".

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hmm...just started this crazy blog thing. I have no idea what I'm doing..;) We'll see how it goes!