Saturday, October 22, 2016

100 Drawings Workshop-Monochrome Stripes

I just got home from spending an amazing week with 6 artist friends in a rented beach house. I did manage to do some of Jane's lesson while I was there and finished them up at home.

This is lesson 7. I know I haven't posted some, but I'll get back to them.

I hadn't intended to do the entire exercise in green, but that's what happened...and they definitely look like MY work!
The six lesson pieces are 9x9 and the two extra play pieces are 9x12 and 8 1/2 by 11.
I've always enjoyed working in a monochrome palette and this sent me down a new path. Usually my monochromatic pieces are exclusively collage. I like that some of my lines are a little wonky and decided to embrace it.
For all of the pieces I squirted out 6 greens and some white and mixed and matched on my palette.

I went for a minimum of variety in this piece, but still feel that it has enough juxtapositions of value contrast to make it interesting. The tiny value shift in the upper left keeps drawing my eye up.

In each piece I made a conscious effort to vary the width of my lines.


Numbers 3 and 4 have the widest range of hue from a light yellow-green to a light blue-green and the highest range of saturation between bright green and barely green.

 This is one of my favorites. The three little strips of collage keep drawing me in. I'm also loving the high contrast value shifts of the thin stripes in the middle.

Number 6 ended up with the most variety. The right top portion is more organic and creates a contrast with the hard lines in the lower left.

Ooops, that blue bit did not look blue until it was painted next to all of the greens. This experiment (#7) has more highly saturated colors on the bottom and muted colors on the top.

Number 8 came about while I was making collage papers and decided to go for subtle edges instead of hard edges just to see how it would look.

All in all, I had a similar reaction to this lesson as I did to the color lesson. At first I wasn't a huge fan of the stripes, but as I got into it I totally enjoyed creating just enough variety within those stripes to make them interesting.