Monday, October 27, 2008

Progress!!.. and only 32 more days until Thanksgiving!

This was the ugly little guest room before we started fixing it up. Well actually this was after Andy removed it's contents. The room really is tiny at only 8 1/2 by 11 1/2, but we haven't had an actual guest room for guests in forever. The first step was wallpaper and disgusting carpet removal. We had installed that wallpaper 16 years ago and I never got around to adding the chair rail border that I had planned. Did I mention that I am the queen of procrastination and half-finshed projects? Since Andy is the king of almost finished projects it's a wonder that this one has gotten done.

Look! New white paint! It looks better already. After the paint, Andy put hardwood floor in the hallway and closet to match the real hallway upstairs.

Yeah! Carpet! and the first of five, yes five! tall bookshelves. Hmm..did we just buy the same carpet color as before? Some things never change.
The picture below shows some of Andy's decorating. We have more advertising tins than shelves these days and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to use up some wall space.

Next, the brass bed that I used as a kid got a brand new mattress (the last one went up in flames...long story). You really can't see it well, but the end table is an antique metal refrigerator complete with ice holder in the top. Like the ugly lamp?? That did not go back in the room but I am keeping it for assemblage...of course.

We have slowly been trucking all the books up from the dining room floor to the new shelves. I haven't filled them yet, but then again the dining room isn't clear yet either! Only 32 more days until my family will expect to eat turkey (and smoked duck) at the table.

The bureau was out in the garage in our Brimfield stuff that hasn't been looked at in 7 years. I guess if we're not going to sell it, we should be using it. It's actually kindof nice.

We went to two different HomeGoods stores this weekend for the boxes up on top. They still don't have anything in them, but they are pretty. We also got 2 underbed storage boxes for my rusty bits. Those are a little heavy to store in cardboard boxes over my head!

Christmas Tree Shops had these empty glass lamps. I realized that I do not like lamps at all, but these are okay. We thought for sure that it was going to explode as Andy added the marbles, but it was okay. Can you believe that I had almost enough scrabble prices to fill the other one?

So there it is-a little bit of organization. I probably should put the new sheets and comforter on the bed, huh? That will really make it look finished.