Thursday, December 4, 2008

Subway Pinball

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This was tucked in the basement of the second antique store in NH. It wasn't in love with it at first, but now that it is cleaned up and works..pretty cool!

Very early in the history of pinball, just after legs were added. The coin slot was missing, but the others we've had from this era were nickel games.

Belding Bros.

Belding Bros.
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What do you mean? Buy presents for other people on black friday?? We had intended to do Christmas shopping and half the stores we usually go to in NH were closed. Oh well, had to buy prizes for ourselves..hee hee.

We had a small square of floor space left in the living romm and Andy had just mentioned that we needed somewhere to put the slot machine (when he fixes it). There it was, in the first antique store we checked...a perfect multi-drawered spool cabinet. see? and it's functional too!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clean for Thanksgiving! Success..kinda

We actually got the dining and living rooms clean enough to have company on Thanksgiving! Of course I can't locate most of my art stuff as it is now in piles in the sewing room and new guest room...good thing no one wanted to stay over! There are still a few piles in the dining room, but just along the edges..hee hee...
Elaine came through again with her awesome smoked turkey and duck! We had tons of leftovers with only 9 people for dinner, but that's okay. Andy has had turkey sandwiches and piles of mashed potatoes every day since.
The living room...clean for a brief moment. Since then we've brought down all the Christmas boxes and put up our tree. Ugh, I know that chair is ugly, but I haven't gotten around to slip covering it.

Andy and I took our usual black Friday trip to NH. Most of the stores we used to frequent are gone. There are only 2 out of the 7 or so antique stores we used to go to that are still open. I'm glad I'm not trying to buy and sell antiques in this market. We did make a couple of dealers happy though. Since the other stores we frequent were closed we ended up just buying a couple of prizes for ourselves and coming home early. I'll put up the pictures of our prizes next time.