Friday, November 18, 2016

Lesson 6 in Jane Davies 100 Drawings Workshop

Lesson 6 was all about maximum variety and the goal was to have all 4 quadrants look completely different without actually dividing the paper into 4 parts and working them seperately.
This lesson was super fun for me. Besides the quadrant part, this is how I work anyway-lay something down, cover it up, repeat, add something else, cover it up, repeat...etc.
I am always keeping variety in mind with regards to scale and contrast.

For all of the pieces, I would put down an element and then be sure that the next element was different in some way, I also practiced bringing marks back up after I had mostly hidden them.

A bunch of these ended up being postcard backgrounds at WAAR (our Wicked Awesome Artists Retreat)


Number two was super pastel and bland when I picked it out of the pile of previous  rejects unfinished pieces. I was craving some brightness and contrast so out came the orange, yellow, and turquoise. The only issue that I found with this lesson is that a few of the pieces are a little quadrant-y. And the goldfish cracker was just a happy accident...



The colors in 4 are soothing with only the yellow and magenta providing some contrast.


Playing with opaque paints and transparent inks helped with the variety in #7.

I definitely had fun with this lesson and have plenty more pieces that are started. I'm pretty good at remembering to vary lines, but shapes sometimes lean toward sameness. It's hard to remember to vary ALL of the bits...

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  1. Jane's comment from the class blog for my records: I had mentioned that I was with my arty peeps in a rented beach house when I did this lesson...

    Jane DaviesOctober 12, 2016 at 6:07 PM

    Oh no, of course you are not making anyone jealous!!! I LOVE working in groups of artists! So glad you are able to do this and hope you are having a fabulous time. My sister-in-law has moved to Marshfield, which I believe is in your neck of the woods. We will, no doubt, visit her there at some point.

    Gorgeous work, Mandy! And most of them are very varied, meeting all the requirements. But, guess which ones don't quite make it... Yes, you are right. #4 is more the same all over because of the pervasive turquoise, than it is varied. #3 and #7 have bottom two quads a little more similar than different. Could inject a monkey wrench in there....