Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art Journaling

There are a few moments on a slightly cloudy morning in the frigid winter when we get awesome red color through the trees. Okay, the color wasn't this bright, but it was beautiful and it became this after I played with it. This is looking east from my front porch. The ocean is about a quarter mile as the crow flies.

I bought myself a copy of Somerset Studios latest Art Journaling magazine and I love it.

The one thing I have taken from it already is to use my own pictures. I get lazy and never print out my pictures, but I'm making a concerted effort. The picture above is my fish, colorized and otherwise futzed with with Photo Impact Pro. When I went to print it out on my favorite matte photo paper from Sam's I ran out of some ink so I threw it back through the printer the other way. Then for kicks I printed another pond bottom image over the whole thing. Running out of ink made a neat effect. I pasted that picture in the journal and will add that photo later.

I'm trying to commit to some art every day. So far, so good.
Hmmm..maybe if I committed to more blogging more people than just Sam would read it. :)


  1. I love the photos and the one that printed with less ink is awesome. I bet it will look great in your journal.

    Found your blog from Kelly's class. :)

  2. okay, i found your blog but where are you~!?!~

    in answer to your question: i use OmniGel glue but will look for the Mod Podge for paper stuff today when i go shopping.

    thanks for the visit and the help~!~i will probably need a lot more as time goes on and i run into further paper collage challenges . . . i'm very excited about doing more of it~!!~