Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clean for Thanksgiving! Success..kinda

We actually got the dining and living rooms clean enough to have company on Thanksgiving! Of course I can't locate most of my art stuff as it is now in piles in the sewing room and new guest room...good thing no one wanted to stay over! There are still a few piles in the dining room, but just along the edges..hee hee...
Elaine came through again with her awesome smoked turkey and duck! We had tons of leftovers with only 9 people for dinner, but that's okay. Andy has had turkey sandwiches and piles of mashed potatoes every day since.
The living room...clean for a brief moment. Since then we've brought down all the Christmas boxes and put up our tree. Ugh, I know that chair is ugly, but I haven't gotten around to slip covering it.

Andy and I took our usual black Friday trip to NH. Most of the stores we used to frequent are gone. There are only 2 out of the 7 or so antique stores we used to go to that are still open. I'm glad I'm not trying to buy and sell antiques in this market. We did make a couple of dealers happy though. Since the other stores we frequent were closed we ended up just buying a couple of prizes for ourselves and coming home early. I'll put up the pictures of our prizes next time.


  1. Hey your home looks great! I bet you're itching to get your craft stuff back out though. I love the green carpet in your living room.

    Most of my chairs are covered..... in a thick coating of cat hair!

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for coming to check it out! Yup, I'm dying to FIND my stuff. I need to take another "me" day...