Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Possible Quilt Ideas

Steph took these pictures from the airplane. She always gets the window and I always get the middle..ugh. When I saw the pictures I immediately thought they would make neat quilts.

Just another thing to add to my endless list of ideas that don't get executed.. :)

I'm actually trying to get together a couple more things for my Etsy shop. I have 2 journals made from old books and recycled papers that are almost complete. Marie at The Stamp Act in Marshfield had asked for a couple of items for the art gallery in the store. I would like to have something to put there before the store has their anniversary sale in October. www.thestampactstore.com Check out the store. It's great!

I just sent my first item out for swap-bot since I went back. It was 3 marine themed ATC's for sewcrazy. Coming up with marine themed ATC's was definitely not a problem! www.swap-bot.com

I will put up pictures of my yellow postcards once they go in the mail.

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