Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's Almost Done!

The pond is almost complete except for plants. Andy spent 12 hours working on Satuday to finish the waterfall and all the planting space behind it. Then we went out plant shopping on Sunday. I'm kindof indecisive (hmm doesn't sound like me does it :) ??) about where to put what. I'm going to have to just start planting and move things later if they don't work.

I have actually seen our fish every day for at least a second. The little buggers are so small that they spend all their time hiding between rocks...Note to self...get BIGGER fish!

Andy and I went out to Blue Eyed Crab in Plymouth last night. It was our 18th wedding anniversary. Last year we both forgot. This year we celebrated with steamers, calamari and and awesome crab and lobster creole. All our food was fantastic! We sat outside and it felt just like being on vacation in Maine even though we were right there in Plymouth.

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  1. Awesome, I bet it will be so cool when it is done! I'm just stopping by by the way.. :P